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We offer customized, long term solutions to all academic and creative challenges

We offer small group tutorial classes for students from Grades 1 - 12; our subject combination includes Maths, English Science and ESL (English as a second language). We also offer a wide variety of Summer Programs for elementary students and incorporate functioning art and crafts workshop for students, moms and everyone who is looking to learn a skill. We maintain small classes for each tutorial session and take the time to introduce, explain, teach and bring all our students to the understanding of their different school subjects. Our subjects are taught in accordance with the Ontario Curriculum


  • Mathematics 1-10

  • Language 1-8

  • English 9-10

  • Creative Writing, Speaking and Reading Skills

  • Science and Technology 1-8

  • Science 9-10

  • Biology 11 (University Preparation

  • Physics 12 (University Preparation)

  • Chemistry 11 (University Preparation)

  • ESL 

  • Exam Preparation (EQAO) 

  • Arts and Craft Programs and Workshops

  • Ukulele Lesson

  • Science,Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM)

Witted Minds Academy understands, that every child is dynamic, and so are their academic needs

When you bring your child to us, we will discuss your child's educational goals, assess your child's present academic skills to know their strengths and weaknesses. We will then assign your child to a small group with the same level students who have similar educational goals and challenges

We pay attention to small details and make sure that all our approaches are tailored towards one direction - harnessing all potentials in, and leading each of our students to achieve their academic goals.

We are confident about our teaching methods and our ability to successfully handle academic challenge. We stock the best training materials and staff team who are passionate about teaching and are always ready to impart knowledge. Witted Minds Academy makes the learning process fun with our arts and crafts workshop. 

We are sure that at the end of your child's program with us, they will be ready to write and pass any examination, be confident and fly high. 

At Witted Minds Academy, they sky is not the limit, but a springboard to greater heights.

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